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The time has come. I can feel the break. The split between the person I’ve been and the person I was born to become. I am not here to be fatalistic or to believe in the pre-destined, but to say that I feel vaguely lost in the middle of the two. But that’s ok, it’s part of a wave that is about to break.


I have been feeling a terrible need to write. To allow my world overflow and overcome me. I also felt that to do so, online, I would need a new address as the other one restricted me because of its audience. I know you can’t control your audience in the internet, but you can erase the tracks.


My desk at the moment is filled with business papers and poetry. And as I try to make sense of both universes, I can barely understand how they can coexist. But they can, as  WE can. The mythical we.


I know, those are all loose ends of thoughts that don’t begin or end and I am sorry to say, this is all you can expect from me at the moment.  You can also not expect that I will commit to a language or a format. I am not committing to anything other than myself. My true self.


Now you’re in the loop.