Smells so good around here, at this time of the year, that I can’t possibly get enough air into my lungs. I take deep breaths until I can’t anymore and every time I open my door, the smells causes me to smile. It’s a very sweet and particular perfume. It’s the life of the Cottonwood sprouting.

Took me years to find that out and I really thought that I loved this place so much, that it made the air taste sweeter. And the nights are even better than the days! The cooler air and the dampness makes it more enjoyable and accentuates the simple pleasure of existing.

It reminds me of my first few months with Armand, when I spent my evenings after work at his place, and then, later, I would walk the couple blocks to my house under a starry sky with the cold crispiness cutting my skin and I couldn’t help but giggling as I walked. At first, I wasn’t so much as in love with him, as I was in love with those walks. And it was walking, that I fell in love with him.

Cottonwood smells like the word YES.